The old mindset: Count Calories
Your new mindset: Eat all you want, but consume only high quality, nutrient dense, real foods.

Eating nutrient poor foods leads your body to feeling hungry when you’re not (aka ‘toxic hunger’).

Let me explain:

When you consume nutrient poor foods, your body will never be satisfied because it continues to command your brain to source out those vital nutrients.  So what happens?  You reach for more cheap food!  And you wind up consuming even more of those “empty” calories.  Result: Even though you are consuming loads of calories, your body will trick you into believing that you are still hungry.

So what happens?  You get fat.  You can fix all that simply by selecting nutrient dense foods.

Samples of great nutrient rich foods:
Eggs (with yolks!)
Bacon & Pork (nitrate free)
Leafy vegetables (spinach, kale, Seaweed)
Nuts and Seeds (Brazil Nuts, Hazel Nuts, Almonds)
Whole Raw Milk
Almond Butter
Fish (ie Salmon) and Seafood (ie Shellfish)
Exotic meats like Elk & Ostrich 
Dark Chocolate (yup!)

See the pattern?  Nutrient DENSE. Think high in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants & enzymes relative to the amount of calories in the food.

When you eat all you want from this list, your body will be quickly satisfied, and you won’t want to eat excess food!  

And watch out! Foods surprisingly low in nutrients:
Fruit (Apples, pears, watermelons)
Legumes (Beans)
Fruit Juice (OJ)
Grains (wheat)
Gluten Free Junk Foods (Muffins etc)

Foods obviously poor:
Processed carbs

Your takeaway: Optimize the quality of your foods and the calorie count will take care of itself.

Coach Dan Wells

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