Every 90 secs for 6 Minutes (4 sets)

Hang Snatch Pull + Hang Snatch


Every 90 secs for 6 minutes (4 sets)

2 Below the knee Squat Snatches

Beg- Start in Hang and descend to below knee

Adv-Start from ground , Pause @ position then pull

Then right into …

Every 90 secs for 6 minutes (3 sets)

2 Squat Snatches

* from the floor –do not have to be TnG

Complete for Quality of movement : 3 rounds

10 Supinated Grip Bent over Barbell Row

15 Banded Good Morning (use purple or green bands)

20 Nose to wall Handstand Holds (scale wall walk)

Then time permitting ..

Practice Handstands and Handstand walking for the remainder in class

Accessory :

100 Weighted Sit -ups

Slow and controlled repetitions