Modified Schedule
8am: CardioFlex
9am: CrossFit All Levels
10:15am: CardioFlex
11:30am: CrossFit All Levels

Teams of 3 for time :

Row 1500 calories [500 meter increments while patner hold BB in hang position (135/95)]
400 meter Team run holding a med ball

Then …

30 Walls Balls each athlete 
60 box jump overs (24/20)
60 Hang Power cleans (135/95)
30 Bar Muscle Ups (broken up anyway )9Scale chest to bar pulllups

400 meter Team run with med ball 
1500 meter Row [ in 500m increments while a partner holds the bar in hang position] **

** the holder and rower may not switch ; the same holder for same rower

Accessory :Three sets 
Overhead Kettlebell Carry x 100 Feet
(heaviest kettlebells you can handle in each hand)
Rest 60 seconds
Banded Pull-Aparts x 25 reps
Rest 60 seconds

Modified Schedule
8am: CardioFlex
9am: CrossFit All Levels
10am: CardioFlex
11am: CrossFit All Levels


EMOM for 7 minutes:
3 Touch & Go Clean & Jerk
3 sets of 20 Front Rack Reverse Lunges on plate
Rest 2 min between sets

For time:
21 - 15 - 9
Burpee Box Jump Over (24/20)
Chest to Bar Pull Up