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“Death Row “

Teams of 2 –

In 10 minutes Row for Max Distance (meters)

Athletes may break up the row however they please

@ 10 minute Mark

Part 2 ) For Total Load in 10 minutes :

2 Rep Max Thruster

Athletes will alternate building up and finding a 2 reps max Thruster

Athletes must Run 100 Meters before performing another attempt (Athletes may Run at the same time)

@ 20 minute Mark
Part 3) For total Distance in meters
Max Row for Distance

Today’s score will be total number of meters rowed in part A and Part B

And the load (converted to meters will be added to the score in meter

For example : 2000 meter (Part a) + 135 +100 (part B) + 2000 meters (part C)= 4235

Accessory :

Mobility for 20 minutes


Athletes’ Choice