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Athlete’s Choice


Complete for Quality of movement : 3 rounds

10 Supinated Grip Bent over Barbell Row

15 Banded Good Morning (use purple or green bands)+ 10 Side steps each leg

20 Secs Nose to wall Handstand Holds (scale wall walk)+ 10 Shoulder taps

25 sec. L- sit on P-bars (accumulated )


Last week of extensive Snatch Work

What can you take and grow on from last week ?

What was working ?

What needed more focus and improvement ?

Be smart ; Returning to the foundations of your

lifts and movements is essential for all athletes

of all skill levels.

Begin with…

Every 90 secs for 6 Minutes (4 sets)

Hang Snatch Pull + Hang Snatch


Every 90 secs for 6 minutes (4 sets)

2 Below the knee Squat Snatches

Beg- Start in Hang and descend to below knee

Adv-Start from ground , Pause @ position then pull

Then right into …

Every 90 secs for 6 minutes (3 sets)

2 Squat Snatches

* from the floor – not have to be TnG