hayley montroy

Hayley is a former Division I Cheerleader with a softball and competitive gymnastics background. Her CrossFit journey started 4 years ago. Since then, she has gotten her Level 1 certification, competed in the 2013 SoCal regionals in the team event, made her debut as an individual competitor in the 2014 SoCal regionals and most recently placed 26th in the 2015 SoCal Open Qualifier. She is in her 5th season at Notre Dame High School as the Varsity Cheer Coach and has just started touring the U.S. and Canada with Feld Entertainment as a stuntwoman for Marvel Universe Live. Her quest to inspire others is never ending.


Height  5’9″

Weight  155 lb




Clean & Jerk  200 lb

Snatch  162 lb

Deadlift  403 lb

Back Squat  290 lb

Pull Ups unbroken  35