corey milne

Corey holds a Level 2 Crossfit Certification. He spent 2 years studying Exercise Sports Science and Physiology at the University of Utah before obtaining his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. Before moving to Los Angeles, it was difficult to balance a passion for film studies and sport science. Corey’s priority as a coach has been to define people’s goals in the gym, and to find a practical and safe way to achieve them. Corey also represented Team Crossfit Horsepower at the 2014 SoCal Regionals, and competed at the 2014 WOD Gear Team Series.


Height  6'2″

Weight  190 lb




Clean & Jerk  265 lb

Snatch  205 lb

Deadlift  485 lb

Back Squat  340 lb

Pull Ups unbroken  22