Hayley is a former Division I Cheerleader with a softball and competitive gymnastics background. Her CrossFit journey started in 2011 and quickly progressed into her achieving her Level 1 certification and coaching.

Along with coaching, Hayley is a competitive CrossFit athlete. In 2013 she qualified in the SoCal regionals team event. She made her debut as an individual competitor in the 2014 SoCal regionals and competed again in the 2016 California Super Regional. She qualified for The Granite Games and Wodapalooza as an individual athlete in 2016. With her best finish yet, she placed 13th in the Southern California Open Qualifier and will be competing as an individual in the 2017 Super California Regionals. 

She had a successful 5 seasons at Notre Dame High School as the Varsity Cheer Coach. In 2015, Hayley joined Marvel Universe Live and toured all over the U.S., Canada and Europe with Feld Entertainment as a stuntwoman. She is now doing live shows in Los Angeles as well as performing stunts in the film and TV industry. Her quest to inspire others is never ending.


Height  5’9″

Weight  155 lb




Clean & Jerk  200 lb

Snatch  162 lb

Deadlift  403 lb

Back Squat  290 lb

Pull Ups unbroken  35