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Monthly Membership - $209
Unlimited access. Automatic monthly renewal. Rate guaranteed for one year. Requires 30 days notice to cancel.

Single Month - $225
Unlimited access to all classes.

Annual Membership - $1950
Unlimited access to all classes. Annual renewal. 

Package of Classes
Valid for any class, any time.  No expiration. Non-refundable.
1 Class - $22
5 Pack - $95
10 Pack - $180
15 Pack - $255
20 Pack - $320
35 Pack - $500
                   50 Pack - $675                   

Nutritional Counseling (with Dan Wells)- $50/half hour

Personal Training - Contact- Mariah Counts

Cancellation Policy: Our Monthly Membership requires a 30 day advance notice to cancel. Membership will be terminated 30 days from the date that cancellation notice is submitted. Client will be charged for the final month (pro-rated if necessary) and will have full use of the facilities during the 30 day cancellation period. Upon completion of the 30 day cancellation period, client's membership will be considered terminated. 

Hold Policy: We offer one (1) hold period per year for a minimum of one month and a maximum of six months. Holds require 2 business days advance notice and takes place on your billing cycle only (1st or 15th). A non-refundable $18 fee will be charge for each month while on hold. Payments resume automatically at the end of the hold period. Cancellations during or following the end of the hold period are subject to the Cancellation Policy above. To request a hold, please fill out the form below.

For questions regarding holds & cancellations please contact:
Mariah Counts,


Membership hold requests must be submitted no less than two (2) business day before your forthcoming scheduled membership payment date.

Hold requests are limited to six (6) months per calendar year, in 30 day increments only. For each month your membership is on hold you will be charged an $18 hold fee. Upon expiration of the hold period, your account will automatically reactivate and regular membership payments will resume. All membership payments are non-refundable.

If you choose to cancel your membership during the hold period, you must submit a Cancellation Request to meet the standard 30-day cancellation notice requirement as stated in your membership agreement. 

If you choose to reactivate your membership subsequent to cancellation, membership rates in effect at the time of reactivation will apply (membership rates are subject to change).


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Hold Begin Date
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